SIIC – The Asymmetrical Strategies of Conquerors and Winning Companies

What made the world's greatest conquerors unstoppable? From Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, Genghis Khan, Timur-lane to Napoleon, there was an uncanny genius. But it was not only a trump of genius that we call IQ (and EQ), it was more than that. I took upon myself to study the key foundational elements of their magic. The... Continue Reading →

Corporation Types

1. TRAILBLAZER - Visionary leaders, A Teams, Performance driven culture, Crisp accountability 2. FOLLOWER - Bureaucratic leaders, B Teams, Alliances driven culture, Selective accountability 3. BURNER - Ignorant leaders, B+C Teams, Self preservation culture, What is accountability?

Leadership Types

Choose your leaders wisely, Visionary = Bold, knowledgeable, promotes meritocracy & charts new paths. Bureaucratic = Insecure, mediocre, promotes nepotism & maintains status quo. Impostor = Fearful, ignorant, promotes flattery & drags all to the bottom.

Worker Types

Create winning teams by placing people in right spots. This requires passing through the layer of facade and understanding the deepest nature of your team members. THINKERS = Create ideas (Architects, Analysts, Strategists) DOERS = Turn ideas into Products & Services (Engineers, Operations) TALKERS = Sell Products & Services (Evangelist, Sales, Marketing)

Team Types

Recognizing your team capability and fixing them to become A-team is the first responsibility of  a manager. This requires participating, talking and listening deeply. A Team = Just gets it Done B Team = Assigns Blame C Team = Runs in Circles What is your team type?

Taming the Data Insecurity Bull

In 1950's Harry Harlow at the University Wisconsin conducted a series of ground breaking experiments. The subjects were infant monkeys separated at birth from their mothers. Devoid of parenthood, put in a cage, the researchers watched as the infants were frightened by strange, loud sounds and objects. In the experiments, the two surrogate mothers were... Continue Reading →

Behavioral Prism – The new art of making technology bets

How can we discern and assign value to emerging technologies ? Can a framework guide us with confidence to place smarter bets on technologies, trends and businesses?  The PROBLEMSince earliest of times, we had faced the challenge of selecting a winner. In the modern age of accelerated innovation, it is virtually a random bet to pick... Continue Reading →

AI is the new normal

How can one know a machine is intelligent ? By using the Turing test, the ability of a machine to communicate human like. Have you noticed lately, the human like fluidity of AI powered customer service bots ? The Start - 50's and 60's The word Artificial intelligence was not coined until 1955 by John McCarthy who then... Continue Reading →

In pursuit of nothingness

We have marched un-noticeably into the 21st century, the "Age of information". Unknowingly, we have slipped in our ways over decades, from waiting for the morning newspaper to afternoon tuning of radio stations and then to listening  24/7 news channels. With enthusiasm, we accepted the "always-connected" phones and now behold in front of our eyes... Continue Reading →

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