Learn from Anyone, Anyplace

“All I know is that I know nothing”  – Socrates

Learn from Anyone, Anyplace

The virtuous life is a life of wisdom, attributed to that wise man Socrates who lived two millennium ago. We are victims of our ego, our self-esteem and an inner burning feeling of self-grandeur. Overcoming these deeply ingrained “neural pre-programmed” circuits is crucial to the lifelong learning and to move ever so closer to the elusive wisdom.

Imbued with the curse of ego we are on the flip side bestowed with most amazing genius of our brains neuro-plasticity. The ability of human brains to form new connections and to learn new skills.

Successful people (or perhaps the wiser ones) overcome their stature, leans down and hear from all. Everyone has something to say and you never know where the next streak of genius will surface from; a single word, a lone expression, or a passing reference can lead to a transformative events creating brilliant new companies, awe inspiring innovations and profound thoughts.

So bow down, hear deep  … and launch your path to inner wisdom.

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