Future of Cloud Data Storage

(I am an Amazon employee, but the viewpoints expressed here are my personal opinion.) The inevitable happened, Hundreds of millions of users moved their data from local computers, mobile devices, and on-premise storage arrays to the cloud. This mass-scale movement has created a seminal moment in history with large distributed data lakes operating on the... Continue Reading →

SIIC – The Asymmetrical Strategies of Conquerors and Winning Companies

What made the world's greatest conquerors unstoppable? From Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, Genghis Khan, Timur-lane to Napoleon, there was an uncanny genius. But it was not only a trump of genius that we call IQ (and EQ), it was more than that. I took upon myself to study the key foundational elements of their magic. The... Continue Reading →

Corporation Types

1. TRAILBLAZER - Visionary leaders, A Teams, Performance driven culture, Crisp accountability 2. FOLLOWER - Bureaucratic leaders, B Teams, Alliances driven culture, Selective accountability 3. BURNER - Ignorant leaders, B+C Teams, Self preservation culture, What is accountability?

Leadership Types

Choose your leaders wisely, Visionary = Bold, knowledgeable, promotes meritocracy & charts new paths. Bureaucratic = Insecure, mediocre, promotes nepotism & maintains status quo. Impostor = Fearful, ignorant, promotes flattery & drags all to the bottom.

Worker Types

Create winning teams by placing people in right spots. This requires passing through the layer of facade and understanding the deepest nature of your team members. THINKERS = Create ideas (Architects, Analysts, Strategists) DOERS = Turn ideas into Products & Services (Engineers, Operations) TALKERS = Sell Products & Services (Evangelist, Sales, Marketing)

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