In pursuit of nothingness

We have marched un-noticeably into the 21st century, the "Age of information". Unknowingly, we have slipped in our ways over decades, from waiting for the morning newspaper to afternoon tuning of radio stations and then to listening  24/7 news channels. With enthusiasm, we accepted the "always-connected" phones and now behold in front of our eyes... Continue Reading →

We are slaves of our brain

Are you born to be great ? or you learn on your way to achieve greatness ? In 1848, Phineas Gage, a 25 year old construction foreman in railway, suffered an intriguing injury during roadbed preparation in Vermont. A tamping iron 1.25" in diameter, 3'7" in length, weighing 13 pounds pierced through lower left side... Continue Reading →

Become Fearless

Fear confines you. The steely wall of mental confinement extinguishes the fire of possibilities, exploration and discovery. It turns your aspirations into distant dreams. Fear constrains ambition, saps strength and draws you into the inner recess of the nothingness. Fear is primal, perhaps the very pre-requisite of life. Without this complex neural mechanism, the species... Continue Reading →

Create Randomness in Life

Many a times success comes through the path of chance encounters. Call it serendipity; stumbling on the next great business idea, finding that new super talent, getting the next big career break, finding your better half ….. the spark is around you. Darwin learned of natural selection by reading Malthus. Steve Jobs discovered the computer... Continue Reading →

Learn from Anyone, Anyplace

"All I know is that I know nothing"  - Socrates The virtuous life is a life of wisdom, attributed to that wise man Socrates who lived two millennium ago. We are victims of our ego, our self-esteem and an inner burning feeling of self-grandeur. Overcoming these deeply ingrained "neural pre-programmed" circuits is crucial to the... Continue Reading →

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