SIIC – The Asymmetrical Strategies of Conquerors and Winning Companies

What made the world's greatest conquerors unstoppable? From Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, Genghis Khan, Timur-lane to Napoleon, there was an uncanny genius. But it was not only a trump of genius that we call IQ (and EQ), it was more than that. I took upon myself to study the key foundational elements of their magic. The... Continue Reading →

Taming the Data Insecurity Bull

In 1950's Harry Harlow at the University Wisconsin conducted a series of ground breaking experiments. The subjects were infant monkeys separated at birth from their mothers. Devoid of parenthood, put in a cage, the researchers watched as the infants were frightened by strange, loud sounds and objects. In the experiments, the two surrogate mothers were... Continue Reading →

Behavioral Prism – The new art of making technology bets

How can we discern and assign value to emerging technologies ? Can a framework guide us with confidence to place smarter bets on technologies, trends and businesses?  The PROBLEMSince earliest of times, we had faced the challenge of selecting a winner. In the modern age of accelerated innovation, it is virtually a random bet to pick... Continue Reading →

AI is the new normal

How can one know a machine is intelligent ? By using the Turing test, the ability of a machine to communicate human like. Have you noticed lately, the human like fluidity of AI powered customer service bots ? The Start - 50's and 60's The word Artificial intelligence was not coined until 1955 by John McCarthy who then... Continue Reading →

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